Maria Dziedzan

About me

I grew up surrounded by stories of a homeland behind the Iron Curtain and, after decades of teaching English to teenagers, I decided to write some of them down.
When Sorrows Come is my first novel. Anna tries to survive the disastrous actions of Stalin’s forces in her village. She is resilient so she endures the Nazi Occupation of Ukraine and the subsequent return of the Red Army. Her work with the Ukrainian Insurgent Army is jeopardised by the determination of the NKVD to root out any hope of an independent state.
When Sorrows Come was one of the four finalists for the HNS Indie Award 2016 and it won the Big Bingham Book Read in 2015.
Driven Into Exile is my second novel in which Natalya is forced from her home by the Nazi Occupation of Ukraine and she travels to Germany as a slave labourer. At each stage of her exile, Natalya longs to return home but is prevented from doing so by the destructive power of Bolshevism.
I am currently writing the sequel to this novel.

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