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I was delighted, naturally, when my first novel ‘Root of the Tudor Rose’ was published by Accent Press in 2015. Since then,it has been consistently in the top ten of its category on Amazon and hit the top spot a couple of times. A number one bestseller – I can hardly believe it! I’m enormously grateful to Accent publishers (so easy to work with and such lovely cover designs!) and I’m equally indebted to the HNS for all the encouragement, information and fun I’ve had at every conference I’ve attended over the years. I’ve picked up tips, yes, but I’ve also made invaluable contacts and many, many friends. Thank you Richard … and thank you everyone. Now the next book is published. Though not strictly a sequel to the first, The Witch of Eye continues the story of the ambitious Duchess of Gloucester and tells of the loves, the lives and the lies which culminated in the most sensational treason trial of the 15th century.

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Owen Tudor – The Journal, 16th September 1420

I struggled with what little I remembered about Penmynydd, trying to recall what my mother had told me, feeling apprehensive and wondering why I felt this strange compulsion to see the old family home once again before leaving the island. ‘Aye, he was a bit of a lad for the…

Owen Tudor – The Journal, 14th September 1420

Our decisions made, I had been persuaded to abandon my Franciscan disguise for as long as I remained in the relative safety of the farm.  Huw went down to the kitchen so that he could tell his wife who I really was, what had been discussed and what we had…

Owen Tudor – The Journal, 12th September 1420

Huw ap Meurig would have taken the stairs two at a time had his knees permitted it, but twenty years of hard toil on the farm had taken their toll.  So he was several steps behind us when we reached the loft, anxious to know what all the racket had…

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