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About me

Fascinated by Scotland’s turbulent history, and in particular the 16th century, I’ve just finished my first novel which was the Historical Fiction Winner in the 2011 Harper Collins / Alan Titchmarsh People’s Novelist Competition. Published on 22nd November 2012 by Capercaillie Books, it is available via any bookshop and online stores.

An award winning short story writer, I live with my husband in the Scottish Borders and I will be working on the third book in the Munro series during my Hawthornden Fellowship in February / March 2016.

From my website

Now why did I never see this before?

Almost a year ago I spoke at Ayr Writers’ Club on creating a sense of place. And being an historical writer for me that includes period, but the principles apply whatever era you’re writing in even if it’s only last week. Though of course for last week it’s easier to…

The end of the (publishing) world?

Involving audiences and children particularly in helping to create the story is  a great idea and looks like a lot of fun, but I do hope it’s an ‘add-on’ and not a replacement for the printed book and the author-generated story. Have a read of this Guardian article and see…

Veteran dies

I felt it appropriate to post this link to  the Scotsman today – so few people left who went through the war as adults, those of us born later need to be reminded of the terrible things that  happened then. And the tremendous courage and fortitude of those who  …

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