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A writer/editor of both nonfiction and fiction, I am earned my MA in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University in May of 2015. As a member of Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honors society, and the National Society of Leadership and Success, I believe in the value of personal goal-setting, accountability, and high quality work.

I’m now pursuing my MFA Fiction, along with a Graduate Certificate in Teaching Composition. For my thesis, I’m working on a historical novel that takes place during the brief but brutal Pequot War.

With ten years’ professional writing experience, I have written blog and website content, as well as feature work and short fiction for various markets, including: Fictitious Magazine, See Spot Run, The Penman Review, The Copperfield Review, and Dual Coast Magazine.

From my website

A Week Off

Dear readers, I’ll be taking next week (6/17-6/24) off from my usual blogging schedule. I’ll be away at residency, an intense (and awesome) week-long three-credit experience for my MFA. I might throw up a post or two if I have time, but I might not. And if I do, it…

Rings of Saturn: Part 8 – Aug. 15, 79

It was official: Evie preferred sleeping in villages or even temples. Sleeping outside on the ground wasn’t just uncomfortable, but without an app to tell her the forecast or wondering whether they’d be attacked in the middle of the night, Evie had trouble falling asleep in the wildnerness. After the…

Pathogen: Ryan – 7

Ryan slept fitfully that night, waking in a jumbled mess of blankets and sheets. He had to down a cup of coffee before he could open his eyes all the way. Breakfast was a simple affair; a bowl of cereal and an under-ripe banana. He brushed his teeth, washed his…

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