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A writer/editor of both nonfiction and fiction, I am pursuing my MA in English & Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University, and expect to graduate in May of 2015. As a member of Sigma Tau Delta, an international English honors society, and the National Society of Leadership and Success, I believe in the value of personal goal-setting, accountability, and high quality work.

With over 7 years of writing experience, I have written blog and website content, as well as feature work and short fiction for various markets.

I have published historical short fiction with The Copperfield Review, and am writing a novel that takes place in the late nineteenth century about a young man who goes to sea, seeking his fortune and the truth about his father’s death.

From my website

Plot Structure Series Part 5: Circle Plot

OverviewThe Circle Plot looks like a 1960's wallpaper layout, doesn't it? At least, it does to me, or would if the circles were all brightly colored. This plot structure is unique in that it represents multiple stories within a story. The size of the circle indicates the importance of the…

Plot Structure Series 4: The Infinity Plot

OverviewThis is one of the more complex plot structures a writer can implement. I'm not going to go through each point, but I will say this: each point can be a miniature climax in its own right, as the top and bottom circles rise to meet each lettered point. The…

Plot Structure Series 3: The W-Plot

OverviewOne of the greatest features of the W-Plot is that it can be expanded with multiple peaks and valleys (like an accordion). This plot structure can also be overlapped, allowing a writer to plan out subplots and where they patch up with main plot points. In the diagram above, the…

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