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Busy in the Library

You've always thought libraries were quiet places full of sharp-nosed, grey-haired librarians glaring suspiciously at people who actually dare to touch their books? You didn't really, did you? Well, if you ever did, an afternoon spent at Exeter Central Library celebrating the launch of Libraries Unlimited would have changed your…

Exeter Novel Prize

Well, yesterday was the day, and what a day!We all convened at the historic St Stephen's Church to find out who had won the third Exeter Novel Prize. It's always a tense time, waiting to find out who has won a competition. But, before we announced the winner, we had…

Exeter Novel Prize - the Short List

At last, the short list...After a very lengthy reading and judging process, the finalists in the Exeter Novel Prize 2015 can be revealed. Congratulations to you all and congratulations also to the people on the long list. We had literally hundreds of entries from all over the world. So, for…

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