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RNA Conference 2015

The highlight of my year - or one of them, at least - is always the annual RNA Conference.The Conference is held in various locations all over the UK. But this year it took place at Queen Mary, University of London, where I went to university myself 25 (ahem -…

A patchwork of history

What do writers do all day?When they're not writing, they're imagining, and sometimes they go on outings to fascinating places, which is what a group of Exeter Writers did yesterday.A group of writers prepares to boldly go...We went to Poltimore, which some of you might remember from the BBC's Restoration…

A feast of midsummer gorgeousness

Today, my special guest is Alison May, whose delicious romantic comedy Midsummer Dreams is published this June, appropriately enough at midsummer!Welcome, Alison – come in, sit down, have a glass of something light and sparkly and some chocolate-coated strawberries? Thank you kindly. *swigs enthusiastically*These days, you’re making quite a name…

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