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Tues., Dec. 20: Review of The Undergound Railroad

Colson Whitehead's new novel The Underground Railroad has been getting a lot of attention. It deserves it. This is an intense, highly creative novel that condenses history by imagining the Underground Railroad as a real railroad that travels underground, with stops that suggest race relations in different periods of history.…

Sat., Dec. 17: Review of A Want of Kindness

If you're looking for a novel about an English queen who isn't Anne Boleyn or Elizabeth I, Joanne Limburg's A Want of Kindness is a striking change of pace. It's about Queen Anne, who ruled from 1702-1707, but covers her life as a princess, when she played a significant -…

Some All-Too-Relevant Historical Novels

Research shows that readers of fiction gain more empathy for others. Historical fiction wasn't a subject of this research, but I do think it gives us a special opportunity to imagine ourselves in the skins of people who grew up in radically different worlds from our own, with radically different…

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