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Sun., March 5: Review of Stone's Fall

Since I found Iain Pears' earlier mystery novel, An Instance of the Fingerpost to be thoroughly engaging, I've had another of his historical mysteries, Stone's Fall, on my "want to read" list for some time. It, too, proved gripping and fascinating. It's not quite fair to call either novel a…

Tues., Dec. 20: Review of The Undergound Railroad

Colson Whitehead's new novel The Underground Railroad has been getting a lot of attention. It deserves it. This is an intense, highly creative novel that condenses history by imagining the Underground Railroad as a real railroad that travels underground, with stops that suggest race relations in different periods of history.…

Sat., Dec. 17: Review of A Want of Kindness

If you're looking for a novel about an English queen who isn't Anne Boleyn or Elizabeth I, Joanne Limburg's A Want of Kindness is a striking change of pace. It's about Queen Anne, who ruled from 1702-1707, but covers her life as a princess, when she played a significant -…

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