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Tues., April 7: Review of The Forest Lover

Writers and artists have a lot in common, which may be one reason why so many novels have been written about artists. Susan Vreeland's 2004 novel The Forest Lover is about the early twentieth-century Canadian artist Emily Carr, whose work was inspired by the Native American culture and the natural…

Mon., April 6: Review of Enemies at Home

Arthur Conan Doyle famously attempted and failed to kill off his popular detective Sherlock Holmes. Mystery writers know better now. After writing 20 mysteries featuring the fictional Roman informer Marcus Didius Falco, Lindsey Davis freshened the series by focusing instead on Falco's adopted daughter Flavia Albia. As witty as her…

Weds., March 18: Review of An Appetite for Violets

Martine Bailey's An Appetite for Violets is one of those novels that borrows a historical setting to make a confection out of it rather than to illuminate a real past that led to our present. That's not to say Bailey's research isn't thorough and full of fascinating details - just…

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