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Saturday, May 28: Review of Checkmate

Sixth and last in Dorothy Dunnett's complex and masterful Lymond Chronicles series, Checkmate kept me turning its pages until the wee hours of the morning. When I woke up after a less-than-complete night's sleep, I dived right back in, and read until I finished it. And it's not a short…

Sunday, May 22: Review of The Ringed Castle

The Ringed Castle is fifth in Dorothy Dunnett's six-novel Lymond Chronicles series, and the story gets more gripping with each book as the plot twists continue to mount and secrets are revealed that imply other secrets, still-hidden and each more dangerous than the last. While this is not my favorite…

Friday, May 20: Review of Count Belisarius

Robert Graves' novels about the Roman Emperor Claudius became well known after the superb BBC television series I, Claudius, based on these novels, aired. (Was that really forty years ago???) Among Graves' other novels is one set in the later Roman Empire after Rome fell and Byzantium became the empire's…

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