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Fri., July 31: Review of The Flying Circus

Not too many novels have been written about the daredevil stunt pilots and barnstormers of the 1920s, so Susan Crandall's new novel The Flying Circus offers an unusual tale. Each of the three main characters is hiding a trauma in his or her past from the other two, so the…

Tues., June 16: Review of Servants of the Map

Really good historical short stories are difficult to write. They need to evoke the time and place of their setting without overburdening the story with the lengthy passages of description and explanation that readers will tolerate or even enjoy in the longer form of a novel. Andrea Barrett's historical short…

Mon., June 15: Review of The Fair Fight

Anna Freeman's The Fair Fight is a novel about an unusual subject: female prizefighters in eighteenth-century England. Women did engage in this sport in the 1700s, when the sport was far more physically brutal than today. Freeman makes her characters tremendously believable and memorable in a similarly well-drawn setting. For…

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