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Fri., Feb. 5: Review of Rebel Queen

If you're a fan of novels about women who find themselves in royal courts and have to grow up fast, but you're looking for a fresher setting than the Tudor and Elizabethan eras, try Michelle Moran's The Rebel Queen. The heroine is a nineteenth-century Indian village girl who gets the…

Tues., Feb. 2: Review of Timbuktu

Although Arthur Conan Doyle wrote four novels and 56 short stories about his creation Sherlock Holmes, fans still can't get enough of the renowned detective, and novelists keep writing tales to please them. Vasudev Murthy's Sherlock Holmes, The Missing Years: Timbuktu imagines his travels through northern Africa in the company,…

Mon., Feb. 1: Review of The Lord of Vik-Ló

Third in James L. Nelson's Norsemen Saga about Norse Vikings in Ireland, The Lord of Vik-Ló finds its Viking crew, on its way home, driven back to the Irish coast by a storm. Reviewer David Maclaine found it a worthy addition to the series, full of "hard-hewing" battle scenes and…

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