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Weds., August 19: Review of Evergreen Falls

Kimberley Freeman's latest novel, Evergreen Falls, spans two time periods: the present day and 1926, and during the historical story features a massive snowstorm at in the "Christmas in June" season at a resort hotel in Australia's Blue Mountains. It's an unusual setting and a sweet story with enough suspense…

Tues., August 11: Review of The Anchoress

Robyn Cadwallader's novel about a woman immured in a tiny, doorless room attached to a church is surprisingly full of human interactions and challenges. The fictional Sarah - the anchoress of the title - grows over the course of the story in some interesting, not always expected ways. She's a…

Mon., August 10: Review of The Poisoning Angel

The Poisoning Angel by French author Jean TeulĂ© is definitely off the beaten path. If the historical novels you've been reading are starting to feel like carbon copies of one another, and if you enjoy a bit of dark humor, this novel should perk you up. It's based on the…

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