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Weds., Sept. 22: Review of The Pagan Lord

Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Tales series now includes eight novels about Uhtred, the Northumbrian lord's son raised by Danish Vikings after they attacked his father's fortress of Bebbanburgh, who returned to England and joined the army of the man who would become King Alfred the Great. The Pagan Lord is the…

Weds., August 19: Review of Evergreen Falls

Kimberley Freeman's latest novel, Evergreen Falls, spans two time periods: the present day and 1926, and during the historical story features a massive snowstorm at in the "Christmas in June" season at a resort hotel in Australia's Blue Mountains. It's an unusual setting and a sweet story with enough suspense…

Tues., August 11: Review of The Anchoress

Robyn Cadwallader's novel about a woman immured in a tiny, doorless room attached to a church is surprisingly full of human interactions and challenges. The fictional Sarah - the anchoress of the title - grows over the course of the story in some interesting, not always expected ways. She's a…

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