Maggie Anton

About me

Maggie Anton, author of the historical trilogy RASHI’S DAUGHTERS, was born Margaret Antonofsky in Los Angeles, where she still resides. Raised in a secular, socialist household, she reached adulthood with little knowledge of her Jewish religion. In 1992, Anton began studying Talmud and became intrigued that the great medieval scholar Rashi had no sons, only three daughters. These forgotten women seemed ripe for rediscovery, and the idea of a novel about them was born. RASHI’S DAUGHTERS: BOOK I – JOHEVED was published in 2005 and won the 2006 Benjamin Franklin Award for Best New Voice Fiction. Still intrigued with women and Talmud, Anton focused her attention on 3rd-century Babylonia for her new series, RAV HISDA’S DAUGHTER [A Novel of Love, the Talmud and Sorcery].

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