Madeleine McLaughlin

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I live in Eastern Canada and have been writing for over twenty years. One of my favorite genres to read is historical fiction.

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Boy's Own

A lot of my characters are young boys. In The Mountain City Bronzes, Kevin and his father tell their stories as children. In Beggar Charlie, Charlie tells of him and two other boys trying to find their way home. The story I'm working on presently is titled, The Last Words…

What's In A Name? Your Character Traits

When writing fiction, it is important to choose names well. All writers are taught not to make two names alike, (unless it's part of the story). The name must fit the character and sound well when read out loud. A character named, John Smith, say, would have to at some…

Beggar Charlie

Writing for tweens is unlike writing for any other age group. The thing is, tweens like action. That's true in movies as well as books. So I had a challenge when writing Beggar Charlie, my tween adventure. I had to keep thinking, action, action, action. Also, I wanted it to…

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