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actress, director, chef, writer of screen and stage plays, novels.

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27 Co2 - The Gas of Life! HAPPYNEW YEAR, 2015!

27     Co2  -- The Gas of Life!    HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2015! Found throughout the known universe and throughout this planet in most unexpected places, Co2 is truly the gas of life…and the gas that makes Champagne sparkle,  it is the gas that brings Champagne’s alcohol to the brain twice as fast…

blog 26 Larry Ruvo is a Champagne Hero

LARRY RUVO, is Mr. Las Vegas!  And, definitely a Champagne man!Someone who well-knows that we create our own luck is Mr. Modern-Day Las Vegas.   After all, his is the extraordinary talentwhich created the gastronomy and architecture of what is known,world-wide, as Vegas.   Larry Ruvo is the founder and senior managing…

25B I hate flutes continues with Walter's great --

25B I hate flutes continues with Walter's great comments...Dear preference when consuming Champagne depends on the occasion (wedding/toasts or for an intimate evening) my preference would with a "Maria Antoinette's"c champagne coupe ! However enjoying a glass at the bar with friends or by myself I prefer the champagne…

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