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I’m English by birth, Italian by childhood, and American by adoption. After a career at a major corporation, I’m raising my children and writing in Philadelphia. Love, War and Ice Cream is my first novel. I‘m working on the sequel, Romans and Dragons, based in Rome between 1965 and 1990. In parallel, I’m writing a partly historical science fiction novel on dreams and inheritance. I have also written several stories for children about the emergence of holiday traditions.

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Get back in the saddle!

After a year hunkered down to finish writing my novel, I’m tempted to stop and forget about writing for a while. Don’t misunderstand me. I like writing, I love having written, I adore refining and editing and drawing out the meaning, but I don’t enjoy the drafting, the plotting, the necessary development of…

Oops. Missed another Nanothingywrite?

November is over and once again I have not participated in National Novel Writing Month. In fact, my writing rate for November was abominable. My bum-on-seat and fingers-on-key stats are a disgrace. Oh, I guess I’ve done a few writing and reviewing jobs… but in terms of fiction, I’ve only…

If you need help writing your novel, try this

It’s more of a workshop than a classic course but I benefited so much the first time around, I’m doing it again. It’s excellent. Truly. For more information, go to: Unthank: How to write a novel

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