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I’m English by birth, Italian by childhood, and American by adoption. After a career at a major corporation, I’m raising my children and writing in Philadelphia. Love, War and Ice Cream is my first novel. I‘m working on the sequel, Romans and Dragons, based in Rome between 1965 and 1990. In parallel, I’m writing a partly historical science fiction novel on dreams and inheritance. I have also written several stories for children about the emergence of holiday traditions.

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Introducing Alex Macbeth and The Red Die

Here’s a new author interview with Alex Macbeth whose debut crime novel comes out this week. Great writing advice plus insight into why he wrote this book and how long it took. Kate Braithwaite The body of a man with a red die in his pocket is washed ashore near…

Characters as family and the writing process with John R Bell

I’ve just posted a great interview with John R Bell about the journey he undertook to create The Circumstantial Enemy. Love this photo! Check out his thoughts about writing it with the link below!   via When characters are “like family”. Interview with John R. Bell

“Never give up, never surrender!” Book love and advice from author G. Elizabeth Kretchmer

Kate Braithwaite Today I’m introducing a fellow novelist – G. Elizabeth Kretchmer. Kretchmer is the author of two novels – The Damnable Legacyand Bear Medicine – and a collection of short stories – Women on the Brink (a great title, I think!) We have been talking about her latest novel,…

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