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Critically-acclaimed author of 8 diverse books addressing numerous historical fictional areas: Military, Music, Theater, Inspiration, Relationships and Wall Street) Expert on consumer motivation. Elected to Who’s Who in America and the Wold 19 times.

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A hell of a lot can happen, and not happen, in 73 years.

June 1944 (l). American and Russian allies pose for a picture at Wilbur & Wright Memorial in North Carolina during top-secret Project Zebra. October 2017 (r). Project Zebra author, M.G. Crisci (me), poses for a picture at the same Wilbur & Wright Memorial in North Carolina. There once were two…

Thank you, Elizabeth City. Thank you kindly.

Project Zebra was scheduled to be released on November, maybe catching the holiday gift-giving season. Although with all this anti-Russian collusion stuff, who knows. Anyway, Elizabeth City Mayor, a big fan of my project, called me in early September to invite me to the City’s twenty-first annual Ghost Walk in…

How a High School Dropout $cammed American Express Out of Millions

Sometimes things are so incredulous that they have to be called a novel, inspired by or based on true events. So was the case with my latest crime thriller, The Salad Oil King. The protagonist, Alfonso “Fonso” Gravenese was fashioned after a man who did the unthinkable before the Internet…

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