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Critically-acclaimed author of 8 diverse books addressing numerous historical fictional areas: Military, Music, Theater, Inspiration, Relationships and Wall Street) Expert on consumer motivation. Elected to Who’s Who in America and the Wold 19 times.

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The Man Who Changed My World View, Forever.

Lt. Gregory Gagarin, 1943; Awards, 2013; Legacy, 2017. Late last Fall I completed my tenth book, Project Zebra. Roosevelt and Stalin’s Top-Secret Mission to Train 300 Soviet Airman in America. The book took three years to recreate with the help of my knowledgeable collaborator, Gregory Gagarin, 96. He was the…

The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!

Right or wrong, Americans have been obsessed with Russia as ‘the adversary” for all of my adult life, and then some. In that spirit, I offer a few actual facts. • Did you know, in 1944 during the Dewey-Roosevelt Presidential election, Dewy rang on the platform that said he would…

CNN, New York Times, Hollywood Studios, TV Networks, the Senate, and Congress, in COLLUSION!

Russia Bashing Now America’s Most Popular Sport! Interesting, outside the limelight, with no political agendas, two men– one Russian, one American– tell the largely unknown story of a remarkable 19-year old woman's accomplishments, against all odds, in a male-dominated society.   How did they do that? They decided to trust each other…without reservation.…

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