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Besides being an avid reader of historical fiction and non fiction, I am a book reviewer, researcher, writer, blogger, world traveler and artist too.

My favourite period is the 18th c- but will read almost anything that happened before that time. I have this fascination with royalty and all the drama that went on back then…

If you visit my site:, you will (first and foremost meet my muse, Josephine Bonaparte),then notice that I have a preference for European history: mostly, but not limited to, France and Italy (my roots being Venetian:).

In my former profession I was a Language Consultant and English Prof. I traded all that to
stay up way past my bedtime due to excessive reading-and pay for it dearly the very next day…(and love it!)

I live in Canada with my wonderful husband and kids:)

From my website

Interview with Ruth Hull Chatlien: THE AMBITIOUS MADAME BONAPARTE

 Please welcome, Ruth Hull Chatlien! 1- Please tell us a bit about your research and what prompted you to write about Betsy?My husband and I were fans of the Horatio Hornblower television series in the late 1990s. Then in the 2000s, we discovered an additional four episodes that had been…

Giveaway WINNER of Mapmaker's Daughter Announced...

The Lucky Winner of THE MAPMAKER'S DAUGHTER, by Laurel Corona isCyn209!!!CONGRATS!!!


THE MAPMAKER’S DAUGHTER by Laurel Corona (March 4, 2014)“A close look at the great costs and greater rewards of being true to who you really are. … A pivotal period of history and inspiration” —Margaret George, NYT bestselling author of Elizabeth I“Sentences of startling, hard-won wisdom leap from the page and…

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