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Lucinda Elliot loves to write Gothic historical novels, which isn’t surprising as she was brought up in a series of isolated old houses her parents were renovating which would make ideal settings for a Gothic novel.
After living and working in London for many years, she now lives in mid Wales with her family.
She is fascinated by social history and women’s unwritten history.
She is intrigued by the notion of glorying in cliched themes in writing.
Her novel ‘That Scoundrel Emile Dubois’ set during the French Revoltion in France and North Wales is a take on an Ann Radcliffe type theme with vampires and time warps, while her next novel ‘Aleks Sager’s Daemon’ is about an author haunted by his own character from Tsarist Russia while ‘Ravensdale’ due out by April 2014 is set during 1792 in England is a spoof of the theme of the Disgraced Earl Framed for Murder Turns Outlaw.

From my website

Miss de Mannering of Asham by F M Mayor: A Short Story of Love, Betrayal and Haunting

A few months ago, I wrote a post about how one of the stories in ‘The Virago Book of Ghost Stories’, namely, Margery Lawrence’s ‘The Haunted Saucepan’ veered over the line thin between the ludicrous and the ghostly, so that it made me snort with laughter. To be fair to…

The Villainous Viscount Or The Curse Of The Venns Now Out on Amazon…

  ‘A good humoured satire of the cliches of Gothic romance… When Clarissa Greendale inherits the fortune from a disreputable uncle she hardly knows, she does not expect to find herself forced into marriage with an aristocratic fortune hunter and wild, brawling, debauched social outcast. Neither does she expect to…

Episode from A Spoof Gothic Regency Romance: The Proposal

  The Dastardly Duke approaches the Spirited Heroine as she walks in the castle grounds with her charges. SH: Ho Hum! He’s got no shirt on. This means a passionate scene. This is the cover. DD: Run and play, youngsters. SH: Well, at least he doesn’t call them brats any…

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