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I’m currently writing a novel set in the 1830s and 1880s in Scotland, Spain and Canada. My first novel, The Chase, was published by Bloomsbury. Set in the Perigord region of France, it had chapters set in different historical periods woven into the main narrative. I had a lot of fun with that. I run my own literary consultancy, www.fictionfire.co.uk – offering courses, workshops, critiquing and mentoring.

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The route march to publication - author Marg Roberts guest-posts about her novel A Time for Peace

I'm delighted to welcome author Marg Roberts to Literascribe to describe her route to publication and the challenges she met and overcame along the way. I'm full of admiration for how she has kept faith with her novel during its evolution and then the lengthy submission process - perseverance has…

Why write YA? Author Julie Hearn explains why writing for young adults matters to her

Some years ago, I came across an amazing book. It was written for a younger readership but like many books in that genre it pulled no punches when dealing with challenging, even poignant issues. At the same time it was packed with wit, energy and a kind of magical sprightliness…

Historical Novel Society Conference Oxford 2016 Part 4: Rights, Responsibilities and Relationships

One of the Emperors outside the Sheldonian Theatreis surprised to receive a visitor!After the packed conference Saturday, we could be forgiven for feeling a little punch drunk on Sunday but more panel discussions, chat, bookstall foraging and friendship-making awaited!.I attended a panel on Foreign Rights and Translation, with agent Carole…

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