Lisa Betz

About me

I am a freelance writer, blogger and playwright with a particular interest in ancient Rome. I recently finished the draft of a historical suspense novel set in first-century Antioch, and I’m now in the early stages of developing a mystery set in mid-first century Ephesus.
When not writing, I am reading historical fiction, directing a drama or taking a hike in the woods.

From my website

Need a Little Monday Motivation?

I can’t face another Monday! Some Mondays it’s hard to find the motivation to get moving. Perhaps we know the week holds challenges we’re not ready to face. Perhaps we’re still weary from what has come before. Perhaps we’ve just had too much weekend. Whatever the case, if you’re struggling to…

Where Do You Recharge Your Creativity?

We’ve all heard someone say, “The idea came to me while I was taking a shower.” Why? What is it about showers that enable such moments of brilliance? The water? The soap? The time alone? This post explains some of the more scientific reasons, but one piece of the answer…

It’s Not My Job to Fix People

Photo Credit: Brother O’Mara via Compfight cc Sometimes people disappoint us. We are annoyed by their lack of manners, upset at how they seem to be falling short of their potential, or concerned by their unhealthy choices. We see an attitude, behavior or skill that needs to be improved, and…

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