Lisa Betz

About me

I am a freelance writer, blogger and playwright with a particular interest in ancient Rome. I recently finished the draft of a historical suspense novel set in first-century Antioch, and I’m now in the early stages of developing a mystery set in mid-first century Ephesus.
When not writing, I am reading historical fiction, directing a drama or taking a hike in the woods.

From my website

Celebrating 80 Years

When a significant family birthday falls on your regular posting day, there is really only one thing to do:   Mom enjoying the day with her granddaughters. Like most people, I learned an awful lot about life from my mother. Important stuff like brushing my teeth, being polite, and doing…

Celebrate the Small Successes

Sometimes we get so focused on reaching a big goal that we forget to notice the smaller goals we’ve met along the way—and that’s a mistake.  If we remember to celebrate the small successes that come along, we will have more confidence to keep striving, and get a lot more…

To Parents of Introverted Children

From time to time I find myself listening to a friend expressing concern over a child who, they fear, spends too much time alone, doesn’t have many friends and has no inclination to participate in social events. Is something wrong with this child? Probably not. The child they describe typically sounds…

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