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I recently released my first historical fiction novel, UNDER THE ALMOND TREES. It is a fictionalized account of three women, who happen to be related to me, who lived in early California–1850-1900. They fought to vote, pursue a man’s career, and make their own choices on raising a family. Inspired by them, I shook the branches of the family tree a bit harder and found more strong women to write about! Stay tuned…

I also have three historical fantasies and an ebook novella in my flying horse series set in Medieval Wales. In my ‘spare’ time I am a sixth grade teacher.

From my website

Winner Novel Madness 2018!

And the winner is…House of Hades by Rick Riordan! Some students voted for it because Hunger Games, its opponent, had won before and they wanted to see a book win for the first time. In order to showcase the diversity of reading interests for my sixth graders over the years,…

Novel Madness 2018 FINALS

Yes, it’s two of the sixth graders’ all time favorites: The House of Hades and Hunger Games.┬áBoth novels have loyal followers. The contest will be decided this Wednesday, March 28, 2018. Stay tuned!

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