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Freelance writer for over ten years. As yet unpublished author of mysteries set during WWII.

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Talkshow Thursday: Meet Mary L. Ball

Talkshow Thursday: Meet Mary L. BallLinda:  Congratulation on your most recent publication, Sunny’s Dream. Here's the blurb: Sunny spends her week fighting cyber-crime and dreaming of her prince charming. When a man walks into Celestial Investigations and introduces himself as Trouble, she's sure he's not her prince and positive he lives…

Wartime Wednesday: War Bonds

Wartime Wednesday: War BondsIndividuals, organizations (such as the American Women’s Voluntary Service), and the government all sold War Bonds during WWII. In fact, the Fed spent millions of dollars in advertising to get the word out about purchasing bonds. In addition, Hollywood celebrities, sports figures, and other famous people attended…

Talkshow Thursday: Award-winning Author Hallee Bridgeman

Talkshow Thursday: Award-winning Author Hallee BridgemanI'm thrilled that Hallee Bridgeman took time from her busy schedule to sit down with me and tell us a bit about herself and her latest release. Pull up a chair and get to know this interesting lady.Linda:  Thanks for joining me today. Your most recent…

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