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Coffee for Two

Early coffeepots were designed to hold only a cup or two of coffee. It was only once coffee became less expensive and easy to obtain that the pots increased in size. The gem pictured (figuratively speaking—you can find one similar on eBay for under $10) is an example of an…

Pimento: A Spice for the Holidays

Pimento, a spice more widely known as “allspice,” is harvested from the berries of the Pimenta dioica, a W. Indian tree commonly found on Jamaica’s north coast. It’s not the Spanish red pepper, though its name is derivative of the Spanish pepper (pimiento) and it’s been called the “Jamaica pepper.” Spanish explorers…

The Race to White in the 18th-Century West Indies

Eleven Shades of Brown Free Women of Color ~ Agostino Brunias In the 1780s, French traveler Moreau de St. Méry categorized eleven different racial combinations in the French-controlled Saint-Domingue. Considering the interracial mingling over a span of several generations, he also sub-categorized more than a hundred variations in an expansive table.1 Moreau’s work…

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