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As Rich as a Creole

In eighteenth-century Jamaica, a creole was a nonindigenous person born on the island, whether of European, African, or mixed descent. Those referenced in the expression “as rich as a creole,” however, were invariably of European descent. The phrase is a variant of the more familiar “as rich as Croesus,” implying…

Jamaica’s Tapestried Past

I did a double take when I saw this work hanging in a Montego Bay exhibit last year. Admittedly, my interest was more than casual. I was writing Voices Echo at the time and visiting Jamaica to flesh out my research. Many of the images in the collage echoed familiar…

A Well-Travelled Cobblestone

The story of well-traveled cobblestones, or ballast rock from foreign ports, paving America’s colonial seaport streets is a romantic one. I wonder if it’s true. What’s ballast? It’s the material carried in a ship’s hull so the ship doesn’t topple. An empty hull is overly buoyant, and stowing weight in the bottom…

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