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Lured into historical ficiton at the age of 12 when I read The Turquoise by Anya Seton, I have been reading HF ever since.Now I am writing HF novels as well.

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Eugenie Thomas Duke and Margaret Vossberg Hellmann: the Mayonnaise Queens by Linda Harris Sittig

Many people erroneously assume that America is divided North and South by The Mason-Dixon Line; the survey boundary that separates Pennsylvania from Maryland and West Virginia. In truth, America is divided North and South by mayonnaise. Yes, mayonnaise, created in Spain and popularized by the French since the mid-eighteenth century,…

Anna Connelly: Lifesaver by Linda Harris Sittig

One hundred forty-six people perished in a matter of minutes in one of New York City’s most horrific fires—The Triangle Waist Company Fire in March of 1911. Most of the victims were young immigrant girls, all of them perished needlessly. A significant number of lives might have been saved if…

Sanora Babb: Strong Woman of the Dust Bowl by Linda Harris Sittig

This particular strong woman is near and dear to my heart, because of her one supposed failure. Born in 1907 in Red Rock, Oklahoma, when the land was still a territory, Sanora Babb moved frequently as a child. When she was six, her unemployed father moved the family to eastern…

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