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Lured into historical ficiton at the age of 12 when I read The Turquoise by Anya Seton, I have been reading HF ever since.Now I am writing HF novels as well.

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Maria Montessori – a Visionary Educator by Linda Harris Sittig

I know that I usually choose women who are relatively unknown and that the name of Montessori is always synonymous with child-centered education. But, as I read about the life of Maria Montessori, I found that along with being a strong woman, she was a catalyst—she challenged the established educational…

Leila Denmark: A Doctor in the House by Linda Harris Sittig

Leila Daughtry Denmark had the incredible distinction of being the oldest practicing physician in the United States when she closed her office at the age of 103. Yes, you read that correctly. But it is her full story that makes her such a fascinating woman. Born in 1898 into a…

Ann Eliza Young by Linda Harris Sittig

This month I am highlighting a controversial woman who refused to be silenced. Ann Eliza Young went up against the most powerful man of her times. He was the leader of her church, the undisputed head of the pioneer territory, and a man whose authority was unquestioned. He was also…

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