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About me

I’ve been an avid reader from an early age, and historical fiction has always been one of my favorite genres. I love reading about other times and places and the people who lived them.
I’ve always loved writing as well, and now I’m able to combine both those joys. My debut novel is a young adult historical, Yakimali’s Gift, which takes place in 1775 New Spain–Mexico (modern day Arizona) and California.
I want to share with kids and teens my love of books: the worlds they open, the things they teach, the feelings they express.

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5 Photos 5 Days, Day Five

I’m finishing the challenge with pictures from our Santa Cruz Farmers Market. Another way I express my creativity is with cooking. I love going to the farmers market. All the fresh produce inspires me to try new things and create new dishes with what’s in season at the moment. And there’s always…

5 Photos 5 Days, Day Four

This isn’t the best picture, taken with a phone. But yesterday was our wedding anniversary: 22 years of bliss :-) 25 if you count the years when we first started dating. We tried a new Italian restaurant that turned out to be delicious. It was a rare warm evening in…

5 Photos 5 Days, Day Three

I was out and about today doing errands and stopped by the beach to check out the surf. In yesterday’s blog, I mentioned that we were in a severe drought. Well, last night it poured with lots of thunder and lightning. This never happens in Santa Cruz in the summer. Very…

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