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About me

I gained perspective on the twentieth century through the eyes of my clients, elders who experienced it by living through the Great Depression and the war years. As a Personal Historian, I listened to their stories and wrote their memoirs. Their recollections of a not so distant past stirred my imagination, which led to my first work of fiction, Beyond the Silk Mills.

It’s the story of an immigrant family in conflict and the tragedy resulting from the mother’s single-minded pursuit of wealth and position.

After writing for others, I’m thoroughly enjoying the thrill of creating my own fictitious world.

From my website

Becoming June Cleaver

Becoming June Cleaver, A 1950s Education   from Remembering Childhood: An Interactive Memoir Why can’t I play with the blocks? I liked my dolls, but I’d wanted other options from as early as I can remember. In kindergarten, girls played “school,” “nurse,” or “dolls,” while the boys got to play with…

Kickstart Your “No-Big-Deal” Memoir

REMEMBERING CHILDHOOD: AN INTERACTIVE MEMOIR Kickstart Your No-Big-Deal Memoir Now! Coming Early 2016 For years I’d been writing short vignettes about my childhood, nothing that I considered of use to anyone—brief images, recollections of family, friends, events. I came upon them in my search for a missing file on my computer,…

What Would You Sacrifice For a Beloved Pet?

  Mari and Arnie Choose When I first met my friends, Mari and Arnie Fagin, their children had grown and left home. The big house was quiet, empty second floor bedrooms awaiting visiting family and friends. But the kitchen! That was another story. I could hear the commotion from my…

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