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I gained perspective on the twentieth century through the eyes of my clients, elders who experienced it by living through the Great Depression and the war years. As a Personal Historian, I listened to their stories and wrote their memoirs. Their recollections of a not so distant past stirred my imagination, which led to my first work of fiction, Beyond the Silk Mills.

It’s the story of an immigrant family in conflict and the tragedy resulting from the mother’s single-minded pursuit of wealth and position.

After writing for others, I’m thoroughly enjoying the thrill of creating my own fictitious world.

From my website

Details for Your Memoir: What Can You Recall?

Can You Truly Remember All the Details? If you’ve been hesitating to write your life stories for future generations, one impediment might be a concern that you can’t remember exact details for your memoir. I doubt any of us can recall enough details about the past to create a compelling read.…

Family Secrets in Your Personal Memoir?

What Family Secrets Lurk in Your Closet? We all have skeletons in our closets, but how many family secrets should our stories expose? Some are trivial secrets about family members and friends. They have little valance at this point in our lives, yet others have more consequence and might affect people who are living…

How to Portray Emotions in Memoir

How to portray emotions in memoir is a writer’s challenge, and the most difficult avenue for me is through the character’s inner sensations. That’s why I often pause to reflect and take note of my inner self, especially when I’m walking alone. Today while taking my morning hike, I sat on a bench…

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