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I gained perspective on the twentieth century through the eyes of my clients, elders who experienced it by living through the Great Depression and the war years. As a Personal Historian, I listened to their stories and wrote their memoirs. Their recollections of a not so distant past stirred my imagination, which led to my first work of fiction, Beyond the Silk Mills.

It’s the story of an immigrant family in conflict and the tragedy resulting from the mother’s single-minded pursuit of wealth and position.

After writing for others, I’m thoroughly enjoying the thrill of creating my own fictitious world.

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California Writers Club

As a Board Member of the California Writers Club, Mt. Diablo Chapter I recently volunteered to staff our Booth at the Berkeley Book Festival on June 4, 2017. It was a great opportunity to serve my writers community while enjoying the ambiance of a festival that drew throngs. I spoke…

Memoir: Enhance Your Limited Memories

A Conversation with Brooke Warner One of the challenges memoir writers face is recalling the details of events that occurred years ago. Memoirists needn’t discouraged by limited memories of valid emotional experiences of real events.  I abandoned my memoir and wrote historical fiction instead for lack of detailed memories of childhood events. Beyond the Silk…

Memoir Workshop– One Family Story at a Time

Memoir Workshop: One Family Story at a Time The Most Important Thing You Can Leave Your Children Is the Story of Your Life. So few of us have taken the time to write our personal stories for future generations. Excuses about time, expertise, and self-confidence pour from our lips.  That’s…

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