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The Sound of Her Own Voice is the adventurous tale of a young Jewish woman who travels to the California Gold Rush. My interests include imagining, discovering and writing about the experiences of women who lived in more conservative, confined times. Women with spirit and intelligence participated in every adventure in history. I enjoy celebrating them.

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Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley

As I continue reading biographies to find out how best to write about Lady Mary I am continually delighted by new(to me) books about, and new insights into the lives of women of accomplishment from earlier centuries.  I have recently completed a wonderful book “Romantic Outlaws” by Charlotte Gordon. This…


At the ripe age of 66 I started to learn music.  I’m taking singing lessons.  It comes as a surprise to learn I have a reasonably good ear and pitch memory, and that I am a soprano.  I expected to be more Bonnie Raitt than Julie Andrews.  This is all…

Guest Post ~ “The Jane Austen Project” ~ by Kathleen A. Flynn

This excerpt is filled with so much detail I felt myself there. This is what I think historical fiction does best. I am looking forward to a delicious immersion in the whole book. Jane Austen in Vermont Dear Gentle Readers: I welcome today Kathleen A. Flynn, author of the just-released…

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