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Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, I now reside in the Houston, Texas area. I recently earned a Master of Arts Degree in History with a concentration in U.S. History from the University of Houston-Clear Lake where I am currently employed. I have completed my first novel, book one of a series, and am currently editing the second book while my readers critique the first. Will be seeking representation when the first book, Wells Without Water: Frontiers, is polished. My writing has been published in Life is Good! magazine and has been featured on The Southern C website at http://www.thesouthernc.com and in The Southern Coterie newsletter.

From my website

Brief Encounters

I recently finished reading Trains and Lovers by Alexander McCall Smith. The book is the story of four strangers who sit together on a train ride from Edinburgh to London. Over the course of a four-hour journey, they share stories, about themselves or family members, involving love and trains. The…

On Southern Writers

            “So who’s your favorite Southern writer?” My friend leaned back in his chair and waited for my answer.           “Hmm. Well, …  Let me think about that and get back to you,” I answered.             Sorting through my mail at home that night, I found the latest edition of the alumni…

The Tomato Man

            Fall has arrived, and I've turned the calendar page to October, but where I live, in coastal Texas, the thermometer has not received the news. Humid days in the 80s linger along with our summer wardrobes. And so, there's still time to visit the Tomato Man.                        His place…

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