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Author / editor of historical fiction, specializing in adventure. Next title, a new translation of Alexandre Dumas’s “The Red Sphinx, A Sequel to The Three Musketeers,” will be published by Pegasus Books in January, 2017. My most recent title, “The Big Book of Swashbuckling Adventure,” appeared in December, 2014. In my day job I am Lawrence Schick, a designer of role-playing games.

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The Black Rose Rating: ** Origin: USA Director: Henry Hathaway Source: Fox Cinema Classics DVD This movie works well as a spectacle depicting 13th-century England and parts of Mongolia and China. As an adventure or character-driven story, however, it’s not so good. This is one of those films in which…

Welcome “Red Sphinx” Readers!

We have something special for you: an additional appendix of Historical Notes and Commentary that supplements the material in the published edition! Click on through to the RED SPHINX page for a wealth of added background and fun facts that will enrich your read-through of Dumas’s rediscovered classic novel!

New Article On Silent Screen Swashbucklers!

The first part of my extended two-part article on swashbuckler movies of the silent era has been posted by our friends at If you like that sort of thing, then it’s the sort of thing you’ll like! Go to our LINKS page to connect to the article—and watch for…

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