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Author / editor of historical adventures, specializing in historical adventure. Next title, “The Big Book of Swashbuckling Adventure,” will be published by Pegasus Books in December, 2014. In my day job I am Lawrence Schick, a designer of role-playing games.

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The Riddle of the Red Sphinx

I’d been a fan of Alexandre Dumas’s Musketeers novels ever since Richard Lester’s 1973 film of The Three Musketeers had sent me looking for the source material, but it wasn’t until around 2000, when I was sketching out a novel set in the same period, that I really started digging…

Compiling The Big Book of Swashbuckling Adventure

I’ve been reading and collecting swashbuckling adventure fiction for many years – my whole life, really. A couple years ago, while in the middle of a long (and still uncompleted) translation project, it occurred to me that I probably knew enough about the subject to be able to compile a…

Of Swords and Plumes 006: Joe Abercrombie’s “Half a King”

Half a King, by Joe Abercrombie. Del Rey, 2014; reviewed in the hardcover edition. If you’ve read my review of “The Heroes” (see blog archive below), you already know that I’m a fan of Joe Abercrombie’s writing. His seventh and latest novel, “Half a King,” is the first in a…

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