Laini Giles

About me

Author of The Forgotten Flapper and Love Lies Bleeding.

I grew up watching old movies with my mother, and was hooked when I read “Hollywood Babylon” at about age 12. I rarely read anything that isn’t somehow historical, whether fiction or nonfiction.

I’m fascinated by the early 20th century- there was so much happening in such a short period of time– cars, wars, radio, political upheaval…so much to choose from to write about! My ultimate goal is to become the Philippa Gregory of forgotten actresses.

From my website

It’s been a bittersweet week in these parts…

A few weeks ago, my company decided to lay an entire unit off at my job, including me. But I’ve had to stay this long to aid in the transition. Monday, I turn in my computer, my badge and anything else important I still have. Yesterday, my team took me…

And the winner is….

Shawnna Pracejus! Since Shawnna is local, I’ll schedule a coffee with her soon when she gets back from vacation. She can pour it into her new mug.    

It’s release day for The Forgotten Flapper!

I’m so very excited to announce that The Forgotten Flapper releases today! Yesterday, a lovely review was posted in the Rat Creek Press, a great little neighborhood paper here in Edmonton (hopefully they’ll be updating their homepage to the August issue soon, so you can read it). Last night, I…

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