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Author of BIBLE BABEL (Harper Perennial 2011), writing historical fiction set in ancient Babylon and Persia. Cyrus the Great and three women are at the story’s center.

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You’re Invited! The Misunderstood Bible Project: A Talk

Michelangelo’s Moses The Bible. It’s weird. Let’s talk. If you happen to be in Charlottesville, VA and free for (a free) lunch and talk on September 19 (Tues), c’mon by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities (conference room)! I look forward to discussing my work for The Misunderstood Bible (forthcoming,…

What Was the Women’s March For?

People ask what the Women’s March on Washington was for, anyway, as if not rallying around a single discrete issue is mere silliness. To them, I say: if only there were a single, simple, self-contained issue. Gosh, wouldn’t that be great? Here’s the thing. When trouble advances, women are pretty…

Epiphany’s Choice and the Environment: In Reverence to Honor, or in Fear to Destroy

Hang on, you there, packing up the Christmas lights, dismantling the tree, boxing up the crèche with its cast of characters and that long-tailed star. Christmas is not over. Sure, come December 26th, it may have been all over for the “Little Drummer Boy,” Bing Crosby, and the Nutcracker; but…

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