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Author of BIBLE BABEL (Harper Perennial 2011), writing historical fiction set in ancient Babylon and Persia. Cyrus the Great and three women are at the story’s center.

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Epiphany’s Choice and the Environment: In Reverence to Honor, or in Fear to Destroy

Hang on, you there, packing up the Christmas lights, dismantling the tree, boxing up the crèche with its cast of characters and that long-tailed star. Christmas is not over. Sure, come December 26th, it may have been all over for the “Little Drummer Boy,” Bing Crosby, and the Nutcracker; but…

Daily Dilemma Plus Beef Bone Broth and Barley Soups

Shaken. Oh, and stirred. Whomever you voted for on November 8, this election has left a lot of us shaken and stirred up, to boot. How plan the day when the president-elect snubs the Constitution, a delightful friend has invited me for coffee and pie, religious do-gooders chisel away women’s…

If Heaven There Is, It Is Surely with Dogs

If heaven there is, it is surely with dogs. With Lady and Mukluk and Blizzard and Blue. Beauregard, Suvi, Sir Winston and Trieve. Loki and Merry, Hector, Shiloh, and Trout. There’s Cody and Norman, Tuk, all the Roberts, too. Sweet William, now join them. Godspeed on your way. Muzzle to…

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