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I write historical fiction, between changing diapers and reading Little Critter books on repeat.

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Making Violet Water: Part Two (In Which We Discuss Failure)

Yeah, so that didn’t work. To make violet water that smells or tastes of violets, one needs viola odorata, which is ever-so-slightly different in appearance from viola odorless-and-useless, the variety that pops up prodigiously in my backyard. I steeped one batch in boiling water and one batch in cheap vodka. Both…

Making Violet Water, Part One (The Things We Do For Historical Fiction)

I’m fond of violet-scented things, so in my manuscript set in the Civil War, I used violet water as my main character’s signature scent. I wanted to make some violet water myself, so that I’d be able to properly describe it, and did all the requisite googling. But then I…

A Week in the 17th Century (Two Book Reviews)

In the last week, I’ve read two novels set in the 17th century, and I’ve come to the conclusion that if I had access to Dr. Who’s police box, I would steer well clear of the 1600s. Both books I read were of the grittier sort, which is my favorite…

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