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I write historical fiction, between changing diapers and reading Little Critter books on repeat.

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My Interview With My Pitch Wars Mentors!

I made it into Pitch Wars! I was lucky enough to be chosen by the mentor team of McKelle George and Heather Cashman, who have been absolutely fantastic! My manuscript is so much better because of them. Truly, words fail to describe how incredible this experience has been. I’ve been…

My #PimpMyBio for Pitch Wars 2017

Hello, I’m Kristin! You can find me on Twitter @kristinlwalters, where I mostly talk about books, politics, and my bug-obsessed little girls. This is my first time to enter Pitch Wars. (My writing group friends were basically like YOU HAVE TO OR WE’LL KILL YOU WITH OUR BARE HANDS. So…

Etchings of 1920s Life

When browsing for inspiration images for my Prohibition-era manuscript, I came across a blog post about Australian-born artist Martin Lewis (1881-1962). His etchings of 1920s/30s street scenes and everyday life in New York City are some of the most beautiful and evocative images I’ve seen of the time period. “Glow…

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