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Kevin McNulty, Sr. is a local historian, author, musician and composer and has a twenty-five year career in business. He has extensive experience in China helping American companies sell to the Chinese. He is author of five books including his latest historical novel about Lt. Pat O’Brien, the famous American pilot who flew for the British during World War I, was captured and escaped, walking over 250 miles in seventy-two days to freedom. Though official reports declared O’Brien’s death in 1920 to be suicide, six years of research and the publication of McNulty’s novel, “Lt. Pat O’Brien” present strong evidence O’Brien was murdered for his money. McNulty is the author of “Around Momence” (2007), “Barns of Kankakee County (2014) and “Finding Pat O’Brien” (2014)He is owner of KMC Publishing Company based in Illinois which also republished Pat O’Brien’s book, “Outwitting the Hun,” originally published in 1918.

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No one of us wanted to be LohmanMostly we just swore we never wouldBut here we are all sixty and so suddenlyWe’re the old guys in the cul de sac like WillieWith the young ones that are living all around us nowViewing us as all the old folks in the…


This year, I will turn 60 years old. It’s a ways off, not until September. But there is something authentic about seeing the number 2010 on calendars, letter head and other places where dates are regularly indicated. I remember thinking how far back 1900 was when I was 10 in…


How happy are such older gents and ladies of the midlife bent That we might live so long to see such things that in our youth ‘oft flee That old and wise inspired thought that we’d know more than we’d know not And chase away our early years of knowing…

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