Ken Czech

About me

Teaching European history at the university is behind me as I’ve now retired. I’ve had 8 non-fiction books published, but writing historical fiction beckons. My debut novel BEYOND THE RIVER OF SHAME (All Things That Matter Press) is the fictionalized account of the true story of Samuel White Baker and Florence, the slave woman he comes to love, and follows this unlikely pair into the depths of unknown Africa in search of the mysterious source of the Nile River. Sam and Florie are soon enmeshed in a struggle not only against wild beasts, killer diseases, and the horrors of the slave trade, but also against the strict social conventions of Victorian-era England. Though Florie and Sam’s courage and love will be driven to the breaking point, the lure of the mysterious “Dead Locust Lake” draws them on to their climactic showdown with the slave catchers.

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