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Keith Skinner writes memoir, fiction, essays, and travel narrative. His work has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Travelers’ Tales anthologies, Wild Musette Journal, Woven Tale Press, and Panorama Journal. His WIP, his debut novel, is set in a 19th century Mendocino County frontier lumber town.

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The Pilgrimage Chronicles: New Anthology, Now Available

I'm honored to be included in The Pilgrimage Chronicles, a collection of 30 essays about pilgrimages worldwide with dramatic cover art by Lorie Karnath. Continue Reading → The post The Pilgrimage Chronicles: New Anthology, Now Available appeared first on Keith Skinner, Author. ©2013 "Keith Skinner, Author". Use of this feed…

Chéticamp Brigadoon: Tangled Music Traditions in Cape Breton

Cultural traditions are not always as they seem and their origins are often more complicated than we imagine. So it is with the Acadians and Scots of Nova Scotia, whose unlikely convergence on Cape Breton helped preserve tangled traditions that first traveled to the island with their ancestors many generations…

The Jackass Hill Mystery

He’d been silent, the other man at the bar, gazing into his glass of whiskey before growing animated at the mention of Mark Twain. “I met Twain one time, you know, out near Jackass Hill.” “You look pretty good for a hundred and fifty years old,” I said in jest,…

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