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Keith Skinner writes memoir, fiction, essays, and travel narrative. His travel pieces have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle and Travelers’ Tales anthologies. He is currently at work on his first novel, a story set in nineteenth century Mendocino County coast where a lumber boom brings together three young lives.

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American Scriveners of the Sea: Dana and Melville

August 1 is a banner day for great American sea novels as we celebrate the birthdays of Richard Henry Dana, Jr. and Herman Melville. Both men provided important source information for the nautical aspects of The Relentless Harvest. Melville for his bold American, turn-of-the-century voice and Dana for his remarkable…

Guns in the Redwoods

Why would loggers carry guns? They worked in small crews alone in the forested mountains of Mendocino County. At the time, the area was crawling with black bear, grizzly bear, wolves, and mountain lions, not to mention bands of indigenous Pomos who, even by the early 1850s, still scuffled from…

Walt Whitman Sings the Song of the Redwoods

Though Whitman may never have "[Faced] west, from California's shores," as he trumpeted in a second California poem, he successfully persuades us in his opening stanzas of the authenticity of his words. I expected the rest of the poem to be a testament to the grace and beauty of the…

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