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I am an author of historical fiction with supernatural and/or science fiction twists. I love researching the eras of which I write and enjoy sharing some of my discoveries on my blog.
My first novel, Sea Snow- the gentle haunting of a 19th century lighthouse, is the journal of a young lighthouse keeper’s bride in which she records the daily joys and challenges of her new life at the turn of the 20th century as well as the other-worldly events that unlock the secrets haunting the Massachusetts lighthouse and the nearby village. http://seasnowhauntedlighthouse.com/
I am currently writing the first novel in my new Young Adult series, Time Shadow, about a 16 year old girl from Edenton, North Carolina who is launched into the past to solve a 300 year old murder mystery with repercussions affecting not only her own future happiness but the fate of the entire planet.
My dear husband and I live with our 2 dogs in a tiny old cottage sagging with books and quirky charm in Edenton, NC.

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Giving Thanks...no matter what

Detail from "The First Thanksgiving" by Jennie Augusta Brownscombe, 1914I beg your indulgence as I take a blogging break and simply reflect upon all of which I have to be thankful. Like most folks I, too often, let minor things annoy me and do my share of grumbling. But then...I drive…

Witch Way to Enter the House...and where to store your broom

"Witches Hut" photo by Sunblade 1500 via Wikimedia CommonsToday I am writing this post to the sound of workers installing a new front entry door on our old house. Since most everything about our century-plus-old Buttercup Cottage is just a wee bit crooked and out of plumb, installing a twenty-first…

Stingy Jack...the Jack O' Lantern's spooky history

Photo by By Petar Milošević (Own work) via Wikimedia CommonsSo, does your Jack O' Lantern sport a Happy face? Creepy face? Goofy face? Donald Trump (or other presidential candidate of choice?) Harvest scene? Broom-riding Witch? Owl? Bats? Or, as we did for our daughter's October wedding thirteen years ago--Hearts? Bride and…

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