Kathryn Berck

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I am an anthropologist, a historian, a mythologist, a former US diplomat, and an award-winning poet: have worked in 44 countries, and changed planes in two or three others. I speaks four languages – plus English – and can get coffee and a taxi in a few more. I now divide my time between south central Texas, Mystras, and the rest of the world.
I write historical fiction, specializing in Bronze Age Greece. My four-part series on the fall of Mycenae is completed, and the first volume is available on Amazon. Am currently working on a reiteration of the Iliad, from Ajax’s point of view.

From my website

Is It Anomalous?

I keep thinking that it's almost time to 'pull the trigger,' but there were no triggered weapons in the Bronze Age. Not even in China. Now waiting only for ... Oh, I remember. Want to take Eva Pohler to lunch and pick her brain about the final details of publishing.…

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