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Author of historical fiction, London 1660’s and one French Revolution novel on Camille Desmoulins.

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A Canadian Story

Sir David KirkeMy latest WIP is about the original colonization of Ferryland, Newfoundland, Canada. As an international author, I've been honored to co-author this novel with a Canadian author. I've never considered myself an international person. I've always thought 'others who lived elsewhere 'and  out of the USA as international.…

17th century Medicine by Katherine Pym

Buy Links HereAnd HereWhile researching my 1660 novels, I come across some very interesting information. The most unique is medicine. Even though the cures were most often worse than the disease, from journals of the time people gave their healers an optimum of trust. At the beginning of the 17th…

17th Century Medicine by Katherine Pym

Coming in a couple of days, a new blog on Medicine during the 17th century.

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