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Kathy Miller is a recovering academic who has written textbooks and a nonfiction book based on her father’s letters home during WWII (“War Makes Men of Boys”). She is now writing historical fiction featuring feminists in 19th and 20th century America.

From my website

Contraception, Abortion, and the Rhymes of History

On October 6, the Trump administration rolled back a key facet of the Affordable Care Act that required employers to include free birth control as part of their health plans. The changed rule will allow employers to opt out of contraceptive coverage if they have a “sincerely held” moral or…

Diving Down the Rabbit Hole

When Alice went down the rabbit hole, she found a wonderland of bizarre characters and strange goings-on she had never dreamed of experiencing. At one point, she talks to the Cheshire Cat for navigational assistance.   Alice: Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?…

Stigma and the (un)deserving sick

I had lung cancer. And every time I talk about my cancer, I find myself explaining that the carcinoid cancer I experienced is a very rare lung cancer, one that strikes at random, one that has no known risk factors. In other words, a lung cancer that is not associated…

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