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Kate Quinn is a native of southern California. She attended Boston University, where she earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Classical Voice. A lifelong history buff, she first got hooked on ancient Rome while watching “I, Claudius” at the age of seven. She wrote her first book during her freshman year in college, retreating from a Boston winter into ancient Rome, and it was later published as “Mistress of Rome.” A prequel followed, titled “Daughters of Rome,” and then a sequel written while her husband was deployed to the Middle East.

“I realized that my Roman legionary hero in `Empress of the Seven Hills’ was fighting in the same part of the world where my US Navy husband was deployed. Life imitating art, or art imitating life? I have no idea!”

Kate is currently working on her fourth novel, set in the Italian Renaissance.

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Giveaway! Free Story For All “Alice Network” Pre-Orderers

If you pre-ordered The Alice Network, I have a present for you. In between my bigger projects, I write short stories. They’re fun, they’re good writing exercises (I like to prove to myself See, you can write shorter than 150,000 words!) and they’re a way to dip my toe into historical eras I love…

Sneak Peek #2: The Alice Network

A few weeks ago I posted a snippet from Chapter 1 of The Alice Network, which introduced you to the first of my heroines: Charlie St. Clair, a pregnant American college girl in 1947. Today I’d like to introduce you to my second heroine, whose narrative will entwine with Charlie’s in…

Extended Sneak Peek: The Alice Network!

I promised I’d share a longer excerpt from my forthcoming historical novel THE ALICE NETWORK, and here it is! There will be another excerpt (this showing my World War I heroine who alternates with post WWII Charlie below) coming in a few weeks, so be sure to check back!  …

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