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Kate Lord Brown grew up in the wild and beautiful Devon countryside. After studying philosophy at Durham University and art history at the Courtauld Institute of Art, she worked as an international art consultant. Her debut novel ‘The Beauty Chorus’ was inspired by the many hours she spent on airfields in the UK, and the experiences of pilots in her family during WW2. Her second novel about the Spanish Civil War, ‘The Perfume Garden’, draws upon the years she lived in Spain. Kate has just completed a MA in Creative Writing with the Manchester Writing School, and she lives with her pilot husband and young family in the Middle East.
There’s more information at: www.katelordbrown.com

From my website

Family Jewels: Veronica Henry

I don’t know the story behind this ring at all, except that it was a present to my beloved grandmother from my grandfather, I think for their fortieth wedding anniversary.But I’m going to give it a story of my own.I was very close to my grandmother - she was the…

Family Jewels: Jane Johnson

Today I'm delighted to welcome Jane Johnson with a glorious, ancient piece of jewellery.When I married my husband, Abdellatif, in a Berber village in Morocco in 2005, I had no idea that his ancestry lay far to the south of Morocco, through Mauretania and into the depths of the Sahara…

Family Jewels: Jill Mansell

Today I'm delighted to welcome Jill Mansell, with the inspiring story behind her favourite piece of jewellery.My lovely mum died over ten years ago now, and I inherited her jewellery. Our tastes were completely different though, and it felt strange to wear her rings on my fingers - but obviously…

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