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Kate Dolan writes award-winning historical fiction and romance under her own name and children’s books and contemporary mysteries under the name K.D. Hays. A professional writer since 1992, Kate has written everything from legal analysis to a weekly newspaper column on religion. She holds a degree in English, history and drama from The Catholic University of America and a law degree from The University of Richmond, but prefers to work with kids rather than lawyers because the former are generally better behaved. Originally from Chicago, she now lives outside Baltimore with her husband, son, daughter and way too many pets. When she’s not writing, you can find her coaching jump rope, demonstrating 18th Century cooking and laundry techniques, driving a carpool somewhere or walking a handful of dogs.

From my website

Oktoberfest: The Beer Soaked Mystery

Do we need an excuse to drink imported beer, sing loudly and wear silly hats? For some of us, these might be everyday occurrences, but for the rest of population, there’s Oktoberfest. Man caught wearing traditional Bavarian hat after dancing to a polka band The tradition supposedly started in 1810…

The Rope-Skipping Governess

Teachers are often put in a difficult position in today’s society, but I think the situation faced by their historical counterparts was often much worse. A governess brought into a home to teach girls and younger boys was expected to be everything but was treated as nothing. To begin with,…

Back-to-school – why now?

“Back-to-school” is like a holiday time of year that isn’t a holiday. Like Christmas, we can feel it coming every year, and it requires preparation. Even those not living by a school calendar can sense a change in the air and experience the increase in busyness that comes with the…

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