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B is for Bob Barker

Who? Well it turns out he’s a game show host. I’m thinking that if Bruce Forsyth was into animals, this would be him. And then the 9 year-olds of Britain could be writing biography projects about Brucie for school, as Child 3 has been, over here, about Bob. Here is…

C is for Charley horse

Yesterday was the first time I had ever heard the term “Charley horse,” – or so I thought. Here is the text exchange between me and Child 2 that I received: So what is a Charley horse? Well it’s a cramp. Child 2 got a major cramp in his calf…

P is for Persil (you say Per-sill, I say Per-zill)

It is with deep joy that I announce that my favourite (favorite) washing powder (laundry detergent) has just arrived Stateside and is exclusively available at Walmart, only 4.1miles from our house! Here’s an amusing little ad (commercial) for it: The pronunciation is amusing me greatly but what I am most…

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