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L is for Ladybug

“Why do you even call a ladybug a ladybird?” sneered Child 3 this morning. “It doesn’t look anything like a bird.” To be honest I didn’t really feel up to the argument and let my pint-sized know-all have her say without contradiction. But between you and me and the rest…

Z is for zucchini

Here’s a funny thing. We had some courgettes for dinner the other night and the next day when I was thanking the friend who had had child 3 sleep over with her daughter that night, enabling Mr T and the boys and I to enjoy a green vegetable without her…

B is for Bob Barker

Who? Well it turns out he’s a game show host. I’m thinking that if Bruce Forsyth was into animals, this would be him. And then the 9 year-olds of Britain could be writing biography projects about Brucie for school, as Child 3 has been, over here, about Bob. Here is…

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