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Reader, writer & book reviewer with big love for all things historical. As a Scot living in the States, I enjoy keeping notes on the vagaries of the language we all call English on my blog.

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O is for Ornery

There are some words that are just not British. And this is one of them. Ornery. I came across it splashed across a snickers bar the other day and took a quick photo: Who are you when you are hungry? the bar asks. In fact all the answers pretty much…

H is for Homecoming

This weekend Mr T and I had plans to go to a local brew fest with some chums. Tickets bought. Date marked on calendar. Weather forecast – bearable. But it has all gone wrong. We have been derailed by this American thing called Homecoming. Homecoming is an event that takes…

L is for Ladybug

“Why do you even call a ladybug a ladybird?” sneered Child 3 this morning. “It doesn’t look anything like a bird.” To be honest I didn’t really feel up to the argument and let my pint-sized know-all have her say without contradiction. But between you and me and the rest…

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