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Reader, writer & book reviewer with big love for all things historical. As a Scot living in the States, I enjoy keeping notes on the vagaries of the language we all call English on my blog.

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C is for Caucusing

Feeling topical this morning, I have been dittering around on the internet – and dipping in and out of my much loved Historical Thesaurus of the the Oxford English Dictionary – wondering if the word caucus originated in the States. Caucus, and in particular the -ing form (gerund or participle?…

K is for Kitty corner

At the risk of sounding seriously American… wow, Google Earth is completely awesome! Here is a screenshot of my local town centre that I just took without having to move a muscle. Or at least none in my legs. Welcome to Kennett Square, Pennsylvania and the perfect image to explain…

I is for Irish Nachos

  I can’t type for laughing. Irish nachos??? With those staple Irish ingredients: you know, the jalape├▒os and Cheddar Jack cheese? That, as they say (in the UK) is a cracker ­čśť

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