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I am a writer of travel articles and fiction. I have recently finished my first novel.

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The Renaissance Art of the Villa Farnesina, Rome

Rome is full of art treasures. Grand buildings from every stage of history, churches full of statues and other artworks, and much, much more. So it would be easy to miss the Villa Farnesina. I discovered it by chance, passing it on an early morning walk. It was a lucky…

New Excavations to Explore at Rome’s Circus Maximus

Last time I was in Rome the Circus Maximus was just a vast grassy area. A pleasant place for a walk, or a picnic perhaps, but nothing more. But now excavations at one end of the site have uncovered some of the original brickwork – seating, shops and more. The…

Exploring Roman History at Ostia Antica, Rome’s Ancient Sea Port

My first view of Ostia Antica was from the air, as the plane came in to land at Fiumicino Airport. I could see its position in relation to the sea and the River Tiber. And I could see the size of the place, the ruins of an entire Roman town.…

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