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I am a writer of travel articles and fiction. I have recently finished my first novel.

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The Stone Labyrinths of Gotland

Over the past few years I’ve been exploring English turf mazes, and I recently visited the last on the list. So it was time to discover their predecessors, the stone labyrinths of Scandinavia. My destination was the Swedish island of Gotland, home to more than 40 stone labyrinths, both old…

App Review: MosaLingua Language Learning

There are lots of language learning apps on the market. I’ve tried a few, in my attempts to improve my knowledge of foreign languages, or to pick up the basics of a new one. So I was pleased when MosaLingua asked me to review one of their apps, and I…

Eat Like a Local With BonAppetour (and Get a Discount With Your First Meal)

Have you ever wished that it was easier to meet local people when you travel? Or that you could eat home cooked food rather than searching for yet another restaurant? If so, welcome to BonAppetour, a scheme that lets you dine in private homes throughout the world. I tried it…

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