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I am a writer of travel articles and fiction. I have recently finished my first novel.

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Street Art and More – An Art Lover’s Guide to Wellington

Wellington is a perfect destination for art lovers. The streets are full of sculptures and installations. There is Art Deco architecture, and graffiti as you’ve never seen it before. There are murals in public buildings and, of course, there are the galleries and museums. Sculptures and Installations in Wellington There‘are…

History, Architecture… and Shopping: The Old Bank Arcade, Wellington

Banks were once grand city buildings, their splendid halls and ornate architecture attesting to their wealth. But today much banking is done online and these buildings are more likely to house bars or restaurants. Or occasionally shopping centres. Like Wellington’s Old Bank Arcade, a smart mall with an interesting history…

The Story of the Eleanor Crosses

If you’ve been to London you may have noticed the elaborate monument in the forecourt of Charing Cross Station. But did you know that there were once twelve “Eleanor Crosses” between London and Lincoln? And did you know the story behind them? The Death of Queen Eleanor Thetstory begins when Eleanor of…

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