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I am a writer of travel articles and fiction. I have recently finished my first novel.

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Why We Need to Rethink the Way We Travel

Regular readers of this blog will know that I normally write about specific destinations rather than about the travel industry itself. However I’ve read two articles recently that have got me thinking about the future of tourism. It seems to me that we’re going to have to rethink our attitudes…

A Trip Around Glamorgan’s Ghostly Vale

One of the perks of a travel blogging conference is the opportunity to explore a new area. So I was happy that this year’s Traverse conference was in the Welsh capital of Cardiff, a place I had only visited briefly in the past. I soon discovered that Cardiff was a vibrant city full…

Recapturing the Jazz Age at Coleton Fishacre, Devon

Even on a dull spring morning the gardens are a blaze of colour sloping down to the sea. And the house is an eclectic mix of 1920s architecture, a gateway to the Jazz Age. This is Coleton Fishacre, on the south Devon coast, one time residence of the famous D’Oyly…

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