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I am a tax professional turned writer and traveller. I have a travel blog and my first novel, “Shadow of the Dome”, is published by Endeavour Press.

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Choirokitia: A Neolithic Site in Eastern Cyprus

One of the things that surprised me about Cyprus was how ancient and multi-layered its history was. The island was occupied not just by the Romans, but by the Greeks and the Egyptians as well, to say nothing of the waves of invaders who followed them. And I was certainly…

Crossing the Line: North and South Nicosia

As you approach Nicosia from the south, you catch sight of a gigantic Turkish flag in the hillside ahead. It is a reminder that Cyprus is an island of two halves, the so-called Green Line dividing it into the “Greek” south and the “Turkish” north. Nicosia, the capital city, is…

The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall and the Guilds of York

As in many European cities, the social and commercial life of medieval York was dominated by the trade guilds. And in many ways they are still important today. One of the best ways of discovering the history and influence of the guilds is through a visit to the Merchant Adventurers’…

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