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I am a tax professional turned writer and traveller. I have a travel blog and my first novel, “Shadow of the Dome”, is published by Endeavour Press.

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Exotic Plants and Molly Bloom: the Alameda Botanic Gardens, Gibraltar

The Alameda Botanic Gardens are one of the must-see places on Gibraltar. There is much to recommend them: a beautiful setting, with a wide variety of plants, and an intriguing blend of the everyday and the exotic. And, for those of a literary bent, there is the curious association between…

Looking forward to TBEX North America at the Finger Lakes, New York State

I’ve been going to TBEX (Travel Bloggers’ Exchange) conferences for a few years now, but I’ve never yet made it to one in North America. But that is about to change: I’ve got my ticket for TBEX Finger Lakes in September. For the simple reason that the Finger Lakes region,…

Defending the Rock: The Walls and Fortifications of Gibraltar

People have fought over the occupation of Gibraltar for centuries. In the last two millennia the Moors, the Spanish and the British have all had a foothold on the Rock, lured by its strategic location at the entrance to (or exit from) the Mediterranean. Defending the peninsula was always a…

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