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I am a writer of travel articles and fiction. I have recently finished my first novel.

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Book Review: Lonely Planet Street Art

I enjoy street art. I like the colour, the boldness and the frequent subversiveness. And I like the way that street art is often associated with the renewal of places that have been damaged, whether through poverty, violence, or – as in the case of Christchurch, New Zealand – by…

Religion, Race and Culture: the Astonishing Diversity of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is unique. Not just because it is an ancient city bursting with history. But also because it is a major centre for three different religions, attracting pilgrims from around the world. History and religion have made this an exceptionally diverse city: Jerusalem is home to many subgroups, both racial…

The Unexpected Pleasure of Eating Out in Jerusalem

I didn’t expect to eat particularly well in Israel. I had memories from my last visit of endless amounts of falafel, fish and salad, and not much else. But I was pleased and surprised to find that the food had changed out of all recognition. Eating out in Jerusalem was…

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