Karelleyn Brae Wade

About me

A historical Gothic fiction author…debut novel ‘Dhariya ~ Prelude To A Dark Legacy’ is currently selling at amazon.com ~ I am near to completing my second novel,for which I am seeking an agent and publisher

Writing is my passion, it is as essential to my life as breathing. I write the type of stories that I most want to read by combining the old world Gothic feel of such classics favorites as Jayne Eyre, Wuthering Heights and Rebecca with the strong elements of sensuality in popular modern fiction, and my years of philosophy study, fascination with British/European history, as well as my love of romance and poetry. Interweaving these threads together I feel I offer a uniquely refreshing voice for today’s readers—by creating a vivid sensually evocative world of the past with multifaceted characters that grow and evolve as they face the trials of their lives—characters that feel deeply and love passionately—within a world of light and shadows—of choices and co

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