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Author of Braha,a tale alternating between a present-day mystery in America and a glimpse of a poverty-stricken German village along the Volga River in early twentieth-century Russia. The latter is based on the little-known group of Germans from Russia, from which I am descended.

Braha has dual narratives, separated by more than a century, and spins a tale of choices and consequences that affected generations of one family. It also explores lost loves and truths, dangerous and hidden. This novel is the first in a three-part mystery series. Currently working on the sequel to Braha,

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Carl Fritzler 1880-1963

The man I remember as my great grandfather was a fit, bespectacled man with thinning white hair and a kind smile. Wearing a starched white shirt, black pants, and a dark tie, he sat on the grass in a lawn chair one hot, muggy, Wisconsin afternoon, proudly watching his children…

The day a hairstylist fired me

Flash back to when I was seven years old. We were getting ready to go on an extended vacation to visit my mother’s relatives and the day before we left on our journey, my mother decided to take my sister and me to the salon for matching haircuts. Something cool…

Willie the cat

Our Cat Willie Whenever things get tough and I start to feel sorry for myself, I like to think of our cat Willie. He has suffered greatly since the day he was born and has many handicaps, yet he’s the happiest, most contently creature I know. Willie was bitten by…

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