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Writer living on the coast of Maine. Please contact me if you want information about the Northern New England chapter of the society — I am in the process of setting one up!

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Summer, How I’ve Grown to Love Thee

“It’s gonna be a hot one,” he said as he stepped onto the boat. I’m not a summer person. What I mean by that is I don’t like the heat (usually). But I grew to love summer when my kids were young and they played outside all day long, soaking…

Three Good Days

It was low tide so this lobster trap float was high on the shore Late this morning I went to a favorite waterfront spot to take photos—the Town Landing in a small town nearby. It was packed (by Maine standards). Swimmers. Kids catching crabs. Sun bathers on the rocks. Two…

Storybook Garden

This year I want to have a storybook garden. You know, the kind the neighbors and passersby look at (and envy). The perfect kind you see in stories. I’m well on my way. Yesterday, we bought and planted “Hansel and Gretel” eggplants—the varieties named on the plant markers. I thought…

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