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I live in the Midwest and love to write Ancient Rome. I have been a member since HNS came to the States.

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work in progress

 Writing is a craft. An Art. A very serious frustration. But I love it. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned. But I’ll try. Often I have compared it to hiking Vesuvius barefoot. And the curves, hills and valleys.   My stories are or will be…

Fury Revolts in Roman Britain

Queen Boudica is not the only one revolting against Rome’s control The tribune Gnaeus Julius Agricola is about to Available Amazon/Kindle, B&N/Nook, Ibooks, Googlebooks Red Fury Revolt is a very special story for me because, for eighteen years to get it right. This  story  chronicles Boudica’s revolt against Rome and…

A gift to the January born….

Winter Gems January February March * “By her in January born, No gem save Garnets should be worn. They will ensure her constancy True friendship and fidelity.” (Walker) January birthstones- Garnet and Rose Quartz Garnet-Who would want to leave home without this jewel? Noah certainly didn’t. He was said to…

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