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I live in the Midwest and love to write Ancient Rome. I have been a member since HNS came to the States.

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Now for the legions’ real authority– The Centurion

Thank you Centurion Marcus of the Legio X Fretensis http://legiox.wix.com/spqr No one messed with these men-the Centurions. They were the experienced strength of Rome’s legions.  While the  officers were politically appointed by the Senate, these men- these centuirions-had THE EXPERIENCE. They had earned it by climbing through the ranks of…

Ahhh! Nothing better than a man in uniform

Officer Crests and Colors Ever notice that the military loves color. It’s seen on soldiers everywhere and has been all through history. But one thing about it is, it’s not there just to look studly. Though it occasionally works, (It did with me); it’s there for practical purposes. Let me…

work in progress

 Writing is a craft. An Art. A very serious frustration. But I love it. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned. But I’ll try. Often I have compared it to hiking Vesuvius barefoot. And the curves, hills and valleys.   My stories are or will be…

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