Judith Schara

About me

Judith Schara writes historical fiction based on extensive research that blends history and archaeology with the mysteries of time and time travel.
Her love of history ignited in the sixth grade, when she looked deep into an illustration of a crowded courtyard in an ancient Egyptian temple and felt she was there. She spun a story about what she saw and realized her imagination could transport her back in time. A lifelong fascination with history began, along with her passion for the grand universe of reading and books. After two careers, first as a Montessori teacher and then as a corporate fund raiser for Public Broadcasting, she returned to her first love and began writing historical fiction. She has recently published Spiral: Book One of the Spiral in Time—a novel of two women’s genetic destiny, set in the 5th century BC world of ancient England, the fabled Phoenician city of Carthage, and the current time.

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