Judith K. White

About me

After living in Amsterdam for a year, I became immersed in that city’s Golden Age when it was the wealthiest city on earth. After visiting the historical museum and learning that for 520 years it housed the city orphanage, I could hear the patter of little feet, sense the children’s confusion, sympathize with their longing. My first character, Nelleke, was born. That was in 2002. Ten years later, in May 2012, I released The Seventh Etching. A 1640 family drama, the story follows two Amsterdam families connected by a beguiling gypsy orphan, who unknowingly holds the clue to a missing, sensually playful etching, encounters
Rembrandt, and later appears in his most famous work. I am currently researching the second novel of what I now realize is a trilogy.

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