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Joyce D’Auria, nee Milne, was born and brought up in Coatbridge, Scotland. She has worked as a registered nurse, licensed counsellor and Reiki practitioner. As an author she fondly remembers her grandparents’ stories, told in their rich Scottish dialect and these, along with her own extensive travel and research, these helped breathe life into the nineteenth-century world she travels in her books MY BLOOD IS ROYAL and soon to be published in summer 2013 BILLY BOY. More about the author and her books can be found on her website:
She lives on the west coast of Florida on a quiet bayou with her husband, Paul and two cats and enjoys visits from her daughter, Linda, a gifted editor, and other Scottish relatives who live stateside.

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Rainstorming – Scotland Weather

Scotland Weather and the National Dialogue Scotland weather may be full of rain and grey skies, but offers beautiful rainbows, too! Och! it’s rainin’ again!!! I read one time that the Inuit have thirty words for snow. Och, that’s nothing! We Scots have at least that many for RAIN. I…

Classic British Cars, a.k.a My Husband and The Blonde

How can I compete with this gorgeous blonde??? My husband, in one of his favorite classic British cars, the blonde 1969 MGC I admit I don’t like cars- not even classic British cars! Not vehicles, automobiles, hot rods, wee jalopies, Cadillacs, Fords, Beemers, or otherwise. I tolerate them for transportation purposes only.…

I’ve Lost a Bit of My Scottish Accent!

Will They Let Me Back Into Scotland With My Mid-Atlantic Accent? I will not be swimming in the River Forth Then there is the hazard, when visiting abroad, of being perceived as an American. Well maybe it’s not a hazard, but it is awkward when I’m on Princes Street and…

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