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Joyce D’Auria, nee Milne, was born and brought up in Coatbridge, Scotland. She has worked as a registered nurse, licensed counsellor and Reiki practitioner. As an author she fondly remembers her grandparents’ stories, told in their rich Scottish dialect and these, along with her own extensive travel and research, these helped breathe life into the nineteenth-century world she travels in her books MY BLOOD IS ROYAL and soon to be published in summer 2013 BILLY BOY. More about the author and her books can be found on her website:
She lives on the west coast of Florida on a quiet bayou with her husband, Paul and two cats and enjoys visits from her daughter, Linda, a gifted editor, and other Scottish relatives who live stateside.

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Scottish Jokes and Musings on Thrift

Waste Not, Want Not The author, as a young child in Scotland.Musings on the Scottish reputation for being thrifty When I was a wee lassie in Lanarkshire we were taught three things: Piety, Thrift, and Wheesht. (I remember “Wheesht” was sort of like “Hush” but with the authority of a Scottish…

New Year Resolutions (the Joyce Method) Free!!

New Year Resolutions  The Joyce Method In November and December you take a hard look at yourself. You’ve gained weight; you’re drinking too much; you haven’t exercised for months (your favourite chair is permanently moulded to the shape of your expanding rear end); you forgot to call your mother again…

Mum’s Lumpy Porridge

Take Yer Lumps We weren’t morning people at my house in Coatbridge back in the day. More crabbit than chipper before we had our morning cuppa and warmed our rear ends at the kitchen stove. Our cheerful, busy Mum was the only exception. “Eat yer porridge. It’s good for ye.”…

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