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I live in Suffolk and have an interest in both historical fiction and non-fiction. I have written one historical novel which I self-published in 2012. Entitled Far From Home, it is about Joan of Arc, told from the perspective of her mother. It was shorlisted for the Writers Magazine Self-Publishing Awards 2013. I have recently had published a local history called A Song of their Own, relating to suffragette activity in and around Ipswich a hundred years ago. I hope to use this research in my next novel. I have a leaning towards women’s history, and also like working with women on related projects – for example, I’m involved with a group developing a town trail depicting women who have contributed to the life of Ipswich over the centuries.

From my website

The Ipswich suffragettes and the cab driver

When Constance Andrews was released from Ipswich prison in May 1911 after a protest connected to the Votes for Women campaign, she was driven through the streets of Ipswich in an open cab. In this iconic photograph of the event, one of the only pictures we have of Constance Andrews (she’s…

Ada Ridley – suffragette artist

Ada Ridley is mentioned in my book, A Song of their Own, but since completing the book I’ve become aware of other interesting aspects of her life. Ada was born in the 1860s, the second oldest of 4 sisters – in future blogs I’ll write more about her sisters Bessie…

5 more reasons to love the Ipswich suffragettes

  Let’s look at some other aspects of the suffragettes, and why they are so admirable. **Despite their serious purpose, they had a lot of fun. Working together to achieve important and fundamental change is serious, hard work, and can be frightening. But it can also be a lot of fun.…

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