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John is the author of two novels of historical fiction: Braver Deeds and Prisoner Moon.

John awoke one morning in 1994 after reading Nathan Miller’s excellent biography of Theodore Roosevelt, and told his astonished wife Pam that he was going to write a novel about the African-American cavalry regiments and their history, especially during the Spanish-American War. Braver Deeds, originally published in 2009, is the result.

Back in 2002, John started work on his World War II home front novel, Prisoner Moon. After years of work, it was published in 2012.

In addition, he has edited the World War II letters of his father, Paul Van Roekel, and made them available on his web site.

From my website

John Hosts DimeStories

DimeStories is a group of writers who meet monthly to read their work aloud. I’ve been a member for many years. This January, I will be hosting. In preparation for this my friend Carrie, the San Diego organizer for DimeStories, wrote a very nice piece about me and my writing.…

John’s Red Carpet Interview at the Catalina Film Festival

The screenplay adaptation of John’s novel, Prisoner Moon, was a finalist at the Catalina Film Festival on Catalina Island last weekend. It did not win. But the main goal was for John and Pam to have a Hollywood-style awards experience. And they did. Here’s the red carpet interview.

Prisoner Moon Screenplay a Finalist in the Catalina Film Festival

The Catalina Film Festival has selected the Prisoner Moon screenplay adaptation as a finalist in its screenplay competition. John and his wife Pam will be attending the awards ceremony on Sept 30 on Catalina Island.

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