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Formerlife: CEO of a Fortune 500 company, strategy & branding consultant, two-time winner of the American Marketing Association’s Marketer-of-the-Year award.
Afterlife: Contributor to Forbes and Fortune Magazines. Grey haired wannabe novelist.

My unpublished historical novel chronicles the adventure, oppression and survival of a good man caught on the wrong side of World War II.

Although I have yet to find a publisher for my historical adventure, I have signed a deal with Palgrave Macmillan USA to publish my business book. I expect it out in the fall of 2014.

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Tips On Honing A Culture Of Winning Through Focus by Martin Zwilling

Intuitively, many entrepreneurs and businesses believe that the key to faster growth and success is more products, features, and markets. Since we all have limited resources, and can’t add more hours to the day, the result is usually more things done poorly, rather than a few key things done better…

“. . . Hollywood could not have come up with a more fascinating and thrilling plot”

Shannon is a book and movie reviewer. She is also a mom, wife, writer and all around fan girl. In February, I discovered her website, Reads & Reels  when I was seeking reviews for The Circumstantial Enemy. Being a busy lady with a long reading (and movie) list, I wasn’t sure if…

A Salute to Book Bloggers

Aspiring writers are poor souls trying to break into an industry that doesn’t want them. That may be a preposterous statement to those of you unfamiliar with the publishing biz. Look at it this way: publishers would rather release the next John Grisham legal thriller than take on an unknown…

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