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Writing the Harper’s War Series after retiring from DOD. Living in San Diego, Inspired by the works of C.S. Forester and Bernard Cornwell. Hoping to create a Richard Sharpe for the American Civil War.

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Seward vs Toombs: British and French Recognition of the Confederacy

William H. Seward As an amateur historian of the American Civil War, I believe myself to be well schooled in the military aspects of that war. Recently, a good friend gave me the book: Statesmen of the Lost Cause: Jefferson Davis and his Cabinet which he purchased at an estate…

The Model 1859 Sharps Rifle and Telescopic Sight

While planning to write a series of historical novels set in the American Civil War (ACW) I needed to decide what would be the firearm of choice for the main character, James (Jamie) Harper. Although he serves in an infantry unit, I wanted Harper and his battalion to carry a…

The First Iowa Volunteer Mounted Infantry

When preparing the back-story for the characters in the Shiloh Trilogy, found that I needed to identify a particular fictional Union regiment as the home for Jamie Harper, Josuah Featherstone, Gus Magnusson, Johnny Cooke, and the others.  I wanted to identify a unit which could plausibly have participated in most…

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